MISSION As “LIFE” i.e. Learning Initiatives Fostering Elevation, we address inner city aggression, literacy, poverty and employment, by using the Hip Hop Culture as a tool to elevate the community. VISION The view is that Hip Hop and pop culture have a major influence on the behavior of today’s youth. LIFE will give deep insight and awareness to opportunities that can help to develop our youth and communities. LIFE will also educate the community about the elements and essence of Hip Hop by facilitating a process of unlearning “as a weapon” and relearning “as a tool” about the true culture of Hip Hop. We believe this can only be possible by organizing Grassroots groups that have been addressing the climate of youth culture in Toronto with direct action. LIFE would also act as a catalyst to create multi-generational dialogue and supply parent and youth oriented educational tools for conflict resolution.

LIFEmovement Launch Video

Reflections on Stop the Violence Symposium

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